Why is The Apiary’s honey unique?
Our beekeepers' hives are situated in Rwanda's untainted eucalyptus forests and equatorial forest. There is hardly any pollution, artificial fertilisers and insecticides in Rwanda so our honey is very pure, of excellent quality, with low moisture content and high antibacterial properties. Rwandan honey is one of only a handful of African honeys which is EU certified.

How many varieties of honey does The Apiary offer?
Our award-winning honey comes in three varieties: Eucalyptus, White Eucalyptus and Forest Honey.
Does the honey go through processing?
No. We do not use any artificial methods of enhancement, nor does our honey undergo processing such as heat or UV light treatment, ensuring a higher level of beneficial live enzymes.
What are the benefits of The Apiary’s honey?
Our honey contains anti-inflammatory, decongestant and immunity-boosting benefits. It retains all the nutritional goodness of honey as the honey is not treated by heating or UV light and does not have additives. The honey's low moisture level also helps to inhibit fermentation. 

What sizes can I buy the honey in?
The honey is available in bottles of 500g, 250g and 150g.
Where can I buy the honey?
In Rwanda we can be bought at BWoK and at the Kigali International Airport duty-free shop.

In Singapore we are stocked at GNC stores, Redman by Phoon Huat* stores and Como@Dempsey. We also make the occasional appearance at farmers’ markets and specialty fairs around Singapore.



Who is The Apiary?

We are an enterprise passionate about producing and promoting Rwanda's quality honey. Importantly, we are committed to poverty alleviation of Rwandan beekeepers and their communities. We train and work with a select group of beekeeping co-operatives we work with across Rwanda. And we love our bees -- pollinators, honey-makers and critical players in the bio-ecosystem.  In addition, we are also partners with World Vision, the global humanitarian non-governmental organisation, to train the NGO's beekeeping beneficiaries. The Apiary is a Singapore social enterprise helping impoverished Rwandan beekeepers since 2015.

How does The Apiary help to alleviate poverty for Rwandan beekeepers?

We do this is a number of ways: Providing beekeeping skills that can be passed on to the next generation, producing quality honey from which the beekeepers can derive a sustainable income from their honey harvest, and by ensuring a sustainable environment by caring for the bees. 

The beekeepers receive beekeeping knowledge to improve their skills and knowledge in hive management through our comprehensive apiculture-training program conducted by our team of international experts. The beekeepers are also equipped with proper beekeeping equipment such as bee suits, tools and processing equipment. Aspiring beekeepers are also offered micro-financing to launch into beekeeping as an income.

Believing that the pristine setting of Rwanda’s flora and fauna is good for the bees and for producing quality honey, we strive to implement sustainable beekeeping practices within the community and good environmental practices.