Luxurious refreshments: Tips to make your drink really special

Whether it’s a chilly morning, hot afternoon or a balmy evening, there’s nothing like a refreshing drink to perk one up. Having said that, there’s also nothing better than a mug of warm milk or hot chocolate to help one settle in for the night...  

If your drink of choice is tea, water, coffee or milk, or if you’re a juicer, we have the perfect enhancer to your drink. Honey. Natural honey’s goodness and appetizing taste is the perfect addition to any drink – an elixir to the body and a delightful and a flavourful drink family and friends will be sipping for more!

Here are some tips to inspire you to make your drink luxurious:

  • Lace the glassware with honey; twirl or drip honey down the inside of the glass to decorate the sides. The delicate taste of the honey will infuse the drink or milkshake.
  • Chill the drink with honey-water ice cubes. A creative touch is to add a drop of honey into a slightly frozen ice cube, think ‘honey droplets’ in the ice melts.
And, the simplest and ambrosial of all…
  • Mix or lightly stir in the honey into the drink.

Fans of our Forest and Eucalyptus honey shared their secret ‘ask-for-more’ beverages with us and we’d like to pass them on to you.  Drink on! 

Lemongrass tea

    1. Crush two stalks of fresh lemongrass, or more if you like it stronger;
    2. Add the lemongrass to a pot of water;
    3. Bring the water (with the lemon grass in it) to a boil and simmer in medium/low heat for about 20 minutes;
    4. Once the lemongrass fragrant became noticeable, remove the pot from the heat;
    5. Leave to cool till hot/warm. Note: Boiling liquid or very hot liquid will ‘kill’ the honey’s good enzymes.
    6. Serve the lemongrass tea in tea cups or mugs,
    7. Add a teaspoon of Forest honey, or sweetness to personal taste, to each cup.

A cold and thirst-quenching alternative:  Let lemongrass cool completely, pour into a water jug, stir in the Forest honey to taste and add ice cubes.  Or, pretty up the drink with honey-drop ice cubes (see tips above). 

Freshest mint tea

  1. Place two handful of crushed fresh mint (leaves and stem) into a tea pot,
  2. Add boiling water;
  3. Let infuse for 10 minutes;
  4. Serve the mint tea in tea cups or mugs,
  5. Add a half a teaspoon of Forest honey, or sweetness to personal taste, to each cup.  Option: Add a splash of lemon juice or add a wedge of lime to zesty up the tea.
Pretty up the cuppa: Serve the mint tea with a sprig of mint in the tea cup, drizzle Forest or Eucalyptus honey onto the mint leaves. Pour the tea over the mint leaves to let the honey brighten the tea.

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