Healthy wild bees = 100% wholesome honey

Honey bees in Africa are healthier “with (the) least honey bee disease problems” when compared to bees in other regions of the world according to United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation [Beekeeping and Sustainable Livelihoods report 2012].

This is because the wild bee colonies, bee populations that provide diversity, can be found across the continent, and beekeeping in Africa is not at the industrial-style level where commercial apiaries often adopt chemical prevention to control parasites and pathogens that attack the beehives.

This is why our honey is special. 100% natural. It’s pure natural honey produced by wild bees thriving and foraging in the lush and pristine equatorial forests of Rwanda. Fact is, the beekeepers we help and work with have their beehives nestling in unpolluted environment and hills across the country. With no additives or artificial enhancements and no processing like heating or UV light treatment (which destroy all the good enzymes), our honey preserves the nutritional and health benefits of honey.

We’re sometimes asked, “Does your honey taste different?” Our response is “Does natural goodness and wholesomeness taste different?” One doesn’t have to be an epicure to appreciate The Apiary honey. You just have to want to try honey made by wild African honey bees and enjoy new tastes reflecting the untainted flora and fauna of Rwanda.

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