Does honey have an expiration date? Can it go bad?

Honey is a natural food that can lasts a long time and doesn't go bad or get spoiled. As a Smithsonian Magazine article The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life states "a slew of factors—its acidity, its lack of water and the presence of hydrogen peroxide—work in perfect harmony, allowing the sticky treat to last forever". 

However, honey will not "last forever" if it's not properly kept.

So what should one do to ensure the bottle of honey doesn't get spoiled ? Here are three simple actions:

  • Store the honey in a cool and dry environment (it's unnecessary to put it in the refrigerator),
  • Do not expose the honey to direct sunlight or heat, and
  • Ensure the bottle is properly sealed as the honey will draw moisture (and too much moisture will cause fermentation).

Lastly, to benefit from honey's nutritional value always buy quality natural honey that has no added additives, is unadulterated and has not undergone processes such as UV-treatment and heating.


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